Debut at MakeUp In Paris!

Post published 08 September 2015

The Spanish company, based in the outskirts of Barcelona will exhibit for the first time at MakeUp in Paris in a few days. A company specialized in the development and production of colour cosmetics products not quite like other companies. Update with Jordi Casas, General Manager.

MakeUp In: How would you summarize the philosophy of Camacho Cosmetics?

Jordi Casas: To preserve our artisanal origins, some of our manufacturing and packaging processes are carried out manually and are the result of our knowledge developed over more than 40 years of research and work in the world of colour cosmetics. This combination of craftwork and industry results in a high level of quality, safety and reliability in all our products. Camacho Cosmetics has a wide experience and know-how in achieving excellence in beauty and makeup products.

MakeUp In: Innovation as second nature?

Jordi Casas: Absolutely! In our company we work with values based on honesty, respect and transparency. For us, innovation is in everything, not only in the product but also in the human factor. We pay careful attention to the workplace so that our employees have a safe and
satisfying environment to perform their tasks effectively. Well-being and good relations are the main principles at Camacho Cosmetics.

MakeUp In: First, a few words on your core business, formulation and all the additional services you offer!

Jordi Casas: We have our own laboratory with over 30 years of professional experience in the creation and development of formulas. We have a catalogue of standard formulas. We offer a full service system of comprehensive development throughout the process with a qualified technical-regulatory advisory staff. We constantly look for and pay very careful attention to new trends in the sector (development of trends and new generation active ingredients). Samples and prototypes are tailored to the needs of the client.
Regarding production, our Quality control system is present at all production stages. Our production areas are equipped with high certification pressurized rooms. We have our own filling technology. And in terms of logistics, we have a Control system for all processes. Speed and efficiency in response timing. We comply with the sector’s safety regulations (ISO 22716 GMP) and even higher quality standards due to demands from some of our clients. We rigorously control the manufacturing of products.
We understand that colour and treatment must always go hand in hand and therefore we are committed to both purely decorative and fully treated cosmetics. 
The close cooperation between our Technical and Marketing Departments has managed to combine safety and creativity, thereby offering our clients a comprehensive product service.

MakeUp In: Now let’s talk about the product range.

Jordi Casas: Our range of products comprises face, eyes, lips and nails. The R&D, Marketing and Design Departments develop trends in colour cosmetics for each season’s new collections. We also have a full advisory cosmetics service (with creativity, design and product experience) to create a colour line adapted to our clients’ needs. We create the strategy in new products, in keeping with the latest trends. We have our own design and advertising department adapted to the specific needs of the cosmetics sector. Our team offers a global strategy, from the idea to the display at point of sales.