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high coverage
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apricot cream

Our experience of over 40 years in this area has resulted in a stable safe product with great gloss and coverage. We have our own formulation and a very wide range of colour tones, as well as different qualities. Our formula is very reliable with five-free guarantee.

The main characteristics of our polishes are: long-lasting, with semitransparent, creamy, pearly, satin and high coverage finishes; highly adherent and glossy, and very easy to apply for a perfect result that guarantees their long durability on the nail. A large range of cream, pearled, metallic or matte effect colours.


Low coverage glitter gel nail polish, perfect for manicures with a very natural finish, such as French manicure or, in contrast, trendy nail polish with glitter particles to achieve different effects.

High coverage

High coverage nail polish that requires only a single coat. Trends: crackel, matte and satin, neon colours, perfumed, crazy French, magnetic, sugar nails and mosaic effects.

Nail treatments

Hardeners, protein oils, cuticle removers, smoothers and a wide range of products that form the 85 treatments for any nail condition. Extensive range comprising over 85 treatments for complete nail care. Our main treatment groups include hardeners, protein oils, cuticle removers, smoothers, whiteners and vitamin-enriched bases. Active ingredients for crystal effect treatments: vitamin E, vitamin F, aloe vera, silk proteins, Jojoba oil, oats, seaweed, Korean ginseng. Active ingredients for opaque effects: nylon, Teflon, diamond dust.

Apricot cream

Specific nail cream that stimulates growth and improves resistance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .