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Our unique formulas are of proven quality and are the result of years of work in our laboratories. We also develop specific formulas for our clients.



Wide range of textures, tones and finishes. Specific long-lasting, light and silky solutions, with high coverage and durability, semitransparent with satin, vinyl or diamond effect glosses. Velvety and matte finishes.

Lipstick made in classic and innovative textures, oil free and paraben free (no fats and very light), offering different satin and creamy high coverage finishes for any type of make-up.

Lip liners

Designed to define, outline and shape the lips; long-lasting, creamy texture with a wide range of tones and presentations.

Lip balm stick

Protects, softens and hydrates the lips. Fruity tube and stick presentations and with moderate and extreme protection for sensitive areas.