Jumbo pen chubby

Post published 23 December 2015

Ultra creamy product that covers a wide range of textures, from the brightest to the most matte texture. It also has a moisturizing effect thanks to its specific actives such as cocoa butter, rosehip and aloe vera.

Lip balm with protection factor SP-15, incredible flavours and aromas, and with a bit of colour. Enriched with vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter and UV filter to ensure a perfect hydration and care of lips.

Long lasting lipstick. It changes its colour when it gets in contact with the skin. This colour change is caused by the reaction between the product and the humidity of the skin.
Lips made up all day long. Permanent and long lasting effect. This formula contains: Rosehip and Cocoa Butter. Parabens free.

Concealers allow to neutralize and illuminate specific areas. They allow to correct imperfections and to help to the precision of a good make up.

  • Nude: it allows to light up the eyes contour.
  • Green: it helps to minimize redness and to neutralize the eye bag color.
  • Rosa: it brings a soft light.

Cream shadows with a high metallic shine or matte color that provide a soft and light stroke with very good adherence to the skin. Formulas designed in order to get glossy, very bright, metal or matte textures.

Last generation lighter that helps to give new volumes to shape the face applying it in strategic zones. Its form facilitates its application.